We are specialists in the field of plastics. We provide our expert consulting services starting from selection of the most appropriate Machinery (eg. Blow molding, Injection Molding, Printing Machines.etc.) right upto to load calculation & process cooling design for the plastic factory.

Our engineers are highly qualified & experienced in the field of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning and they will help you to obtain the highest level of performance from your Machinery and production process as a whole and increase its productivity and thus help you to get the best out of you resources.

Designing, Installation & Maintenance


We currently provide services from Load calculation & Designing of Process cooling machinery such as Chillers, Cooling towers, Pumps etc all the way to installation and maintenance.


We also provide:

–          Load calculation, Designing and the related services for compressed Air machinery & piping.

–          All necessary electrical connections to machineries.

–          All associated works and commissioning.

–          Preventive maintenance programmer for chillers, cooling towers, piping, tanks, pumps, etc.


We Provide expert & comprehensive solutions to all your needs from the initial set-up phase right through to ensuring the proper functioning of your machinery and smooth running of your factory, effectively providing you with all services ‘Under one roof’ and reducing the need for you to deal with several parties for different services thereby saving you valuable time and resources.