Ammonia Plants


We are specialists in designing, installation and maintaining Ammonia refrigeration plant works for over 25 years. We also do Ice bank coil removal and fixing of new coils which has been successfully utilized in many industries including food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since ammonia is plentiful, the cost is low and thus ammonia as a refrigerant is cheap apart from being extremely efficient. Ammonia is the most commonly used refrigerant worldwide for large commercial applications. The cost for refrigerant-grade anhydrous ammonia is cheaper than other refrigerants like R-404A and R-502.

Cold Room and Blast Freezer


We also specialize in the design, supply and construction of a wide range of cold room options. The extensive range includes anything from a small walk-in cold room for commercial use, up to large industrial food preparation, storage and distribution warehouses. We also install cold rooms with blast freezer (upto Р40 C) for frozen foods, flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc,.

We also supply and install FRICK (India) Compressors


As part of our wide range of comprehensive services we will choose, supply and install the right blast freezer or ordinary freezer as per required specifications & temperature. Our expert engineers and technicians also rectify and solve any problems/faults in Blast freezers and also perform compressor works like parts replacing, servicing, overhauling etc.We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for Blast freezers and other freezers.

Chiller and Air Conditioning


As per customer requirement we undertake chiller system works from the initial stages of design through to commissioning & maintenance. We also supply, install and maintain Split and Package units etc.


We also do Air-conditioning Duct works, Ventilation and Exhaust Systems.