Ventilation Fans

Ventilation Fans

We are proud to announce that we are the Exclusive Distributor for KOLOWA Ventilation & Cooling Systems in the Middle East region.


KOLOWA Ventilation Fans & Cooling Systems are used in all types of Factories and Industries, Commercial Establishments, Poultry & Livestock farms, Nurseries & Greenhouses etc.

Kolowa Fans are made of FRP & due to this they need a smaller capacity motor, run at low speed, low noise level & long life. Kolowa Fans are available upto 67,500 CMH and are globally recognized for effectively improving the Factory Ventilation by upto an incredible 95-99%.

Kolowa has the following range:

Ventilation Fan Cooling Systems

Ventilation Fans, Exhaust Fans, Roof Ventilators

Super Fans (Spider Fan), Blower Fans, Water Cooling Fans

Air Coolers, Cooling Pads & Related Paraphernalia


Some of the benefits of using Kolowa Fans are:


  1. Efficient Environment & Temperature Control.
  2. Energy-Saving Factor – Contributes To A Greener Environment and helps you meet your environmental
  3. responsibility of sustainable development and achieve your ‘green targets’.

  4. Provides A Cooling & Conducive Working Environment for your staff which increases
  5. comfort, motivation and hence productivity and efficiency.

  6. Enhances Production Efficiency.
  7. Removes Excessive Moisture.
  8. Expels excessive heat.
  9. Reduces Dust.
  10. Restricts the accumulation Of  pernicious gases.
  11. Enhances Workers’ General Health & Well-Being.


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