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Ventilation Fans

We are proud to announce that we are the Exclusive Distributor for KOLOWA Ventilation & Cooling Systems in the Middle East region.

KOLOWA Ventilation Fans & Cooling Systems are used in all types of Factories and Industries, Commercial Establishments, Poultry & Livestock farms, Nurseries & Greenhouses etc.

Kolowa Fans are made of FRP & due to this they need a smaller capacity motor, run at low speed, low noise level & long life. Kolowa Fans are available upto 67,500 CMH and are globally recognized for effectively improving the Factory Ventilation by upto an incredible 95-99%.

Kolowa has the following range:

  • Ventilation Fan Cooling Systems
  • Ventilation Fans, Exhaust Fans, Roof Ventilators
  • Super Fans (Spider Fan), Blower Fans, Water Cooling Fans
  • Air Coolers, Cooling Pads & Related Paraphernalia

Some of the benefits of using Kolowa Fans are:

  • Efficient Environment & Temperature Control.
  • Energy-Saving Factor – Contributes To A Greener Environment and helps you meet your environmental
  • responsibility of sustainable development and achieve your ‘green targets’.
  • Provides A Cooling & Conducive Working Environment for your staff which increases
  • comfort, motivation and hence productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhances Production Efficiency.
  • Removes Excessive Moisture.
  • Expels excessive heat.
  • Reduces Dust.
  • Restricts the accumulation Of  pernicious gases.
  • Enhances Workers’ General Health & Well-Being.